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Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening everyone!  Tylar here with another round-up from all of us here at Unity B4 Heresy.

Firstly the Facebook link debacle from last week's round-up. We are of the belief that somewhere an individual has 'potentially' reported the post. There nothing to say this was the case as Facebook doesn't give you a reason.

However the response from around the various closed groups and pages we are apart of, have all lent their support and stated that the admins have not made roads to block or delete out posts.
In reply I'd like to send a heartfelt thank you to those who have responded to me and us directly as without the community pulling in the same direction either through blogger or through Facebook none of this would be possible.

We've looked into it and it would appear that the ban on the URL is 30 days. So we'll see. There is a possibility that it was also a Facebook algorithm looking for spam bots but again with no explanation we just don't know. Anyway…

Adeptus Titanicus Survival Scenario

Good evening guys welcome to another AT related post.  So for those that have read the round-up you may remember I mentioned an AT related Scenario, for those haven't well you're in for a treat.  A friend of mine Steve suggested a scenario that we could take turns playing seeing if one of us could be successful in achieving the aim. 
I'll be honest at first it seemed fairly simple. I can tell you now it was not. And after 12+ games over Friday and Saturday I can tell you now one side was horrendously outmatched every time. 

The Scenario is based on a Warlord being ambushed by a pack of Warhounds. The Scenario involves:

One Warlord Titan armed with Two Belicosa Volcano Cannons and carapace mounted Apocalypse Launchers.
Three Warhounds each armed with a Plasma Blastgun and a Vulcan Mega Botler.

10 to 12 pieces of small terrain with no more than two stories are randomly placed across the 4 x 4 playing area, leaving the centre and corners clear to allow for the Titans to be p…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Good Evening everyone! Welcome again to the weekly round up from everyone here at the blog.  Some exciting things coming your way next week, hopefully the first of our future 'Friends of the Blog' series of posts.  These will be posts from people close to us here at Unity Before Heresy who have some great hobby experiences to pass on.  As such we'd like to share those experiences or skill-sets across the blogosphere with you guys.

Secondly anyone that was at the HH Weekender 2019 and ordered Book 8: Malevolence should have had a notification that it's on its way.  Having never played Blood Angels, White Scars or Daemons I'm actually really looking forwards to this book having seen a lot rules and artwork at the Weekender.  I'm sure that there are a lot of you out there looking forwards to this so watch out for a review as soon as it's in hand!  I'm currently listening to the audio book of Fear To Tread again to get me in the mood.

As for what we've …

Adeptus Titanicus - The Magic of Decals

Hi all.

As part of my AT builds I thought I best post some of the progress shots done on my Legio Astraman Warlord Titan, the first in the maniple.

The 8mm version is a copy of my 28mm version - the honourable Venatoribus Hastam, which I spent many an hour painting the checks on the shoulder armour plates. I couldn't conceive of how I would do this on a smaller scale as it tested my brush skills at the larger scale.

Col. Hertford put me onto a set of scale model decals (Microscale Decals 1/8" white checkers) - which I thought I would try. I didn't hold out much hope for them - as the scale was so small but I thought it was worth a try as using sellotape, a pencil and a steady hand really wouldn't be an option at 8mm scale.

I decided to use one of the more detailed spare plates from the warlord kit to test out the decals on. Initially I wanted to use blue squares on a white painted field as I thought the clarity of the colours would be better however the blue transfers…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Well howdy all.

What a week it's been, the pinnacle Heresy event in the calendar happen this week and hopefully your appetite for Heresy is even more fierce after seeing what Forge World and Specialist Games have in store for us in the next three months. As for the UB4H crew, we've been squirreling away at our own projects in order to bring you this weeks update. 

King Fluff has been busy writing a few list for various events coming up in the next few months, this inevitably leads to new models and ideas flowing. To this end he has started formalising his Fury of the Ancients list for Imperial Fists. He's begun to assemble his contemptors and one of the mandatory HQ units, from here he still needs to build the MK4 dreadnoughts he has stored away, once he can find them.

Over the last two weeks, Col.Hertford has started work on a Traitor Legio for our Adeptus Titanicus battles and campaigns. It seemed right and proper that the Legio Mortis was selected. This is what I have…

Adeptus Titanicus: DELTA tile from Forgeworld Unboxing

Welcome back everyone!
Tylar here..... again 😜 as promised with another cheeky unboxing of the new pre-release DELTA tile for Adeptus Titanicus from Forgeworld.

Again I was lucky enough to be able to buy one during my recent attendance at the HH: Weekender 2019.  As impulse buys go sometimes at events you can't help yourself you get caught up in the euphoria of all the new shiny things.  However I had a clear idea of what I was looking for ......but like many others Book 8 wasn't there 😂

When I saw two AT tiles were available I weighed up what would be a good buy and what would my tiny Titans look good standing on.

The second tile the GAMMA was also released.  Unfortunately funds didn't allow for two tiles this time round having already decided on the New Dreadnought Drop Pod which is covered in another post.

The GAMMA tile

So onto the DELTA tile. Firstly as Forgeworld tiles go the casting process is some of the best I've seen for pre-release.  I've bought tiles …

New Dreadnaught Drop Pod Un-Boxing

Hi Guys!!!

Wow what a week it's been hobby wise. I'm still personally reeling from the over load of cool stuff from the HH: Weekender 2019. If you haven't seen some of the photos take a look at the UB4H weekly round up from last Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled too as on Sunday I'll be showing off the new AT: Delta tile!  So what do we have for you today?

Death from above......😈

Having recently been fortunate enough to acquire one of the original Dreadnaught drop pods from FW via Heresy Trading I had no idea these were going to be available at the weekender. To be honest as soon as I saw it in the sales cabinet I had to have one.

So following my purchase here for you is a peak at what you get in the box and a rough comparison to the old version.  First up is the obligatory 'Box shot' with initial packaging.

  I was quite impressed with the level of packaging if I'm honest.  Despite the main pod veins being warped, nothing a little hot water won't sort out…