Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening everyone.  Another week has past and things are moving on in the Unityb4heresy camp. All of us have signed up for the Greetings From The Warp HH Weekend event in October.  Much to the lament of GG as the Rugby is on and we'll have to get blow by blow action between turns. 😜

Follow us here on the blog as we prepare our forces and play test some of our army elements in the lead up to the 3000pt epic weekend.

This week I've had a low key dip into hobby as I've been busy with work.  It's going to be the same next week for me but I did get some more AT gaming in over the weekend breaking in a new player.  I still manged to start in on my AT spires.  Oh my what a great kit.  I'll be bringing together some pictures of my AT terrain in an upcoming post in another week or so.

An idea of an upcoming project from me "Just call me Tank'

This week King Fluff has been dividing his time between Orks of the 31st millennium and giant (tiny) robots of the sane era.…

Horus Heresy - Hope's Folly Round-up

John GG and King Fluff here again bringing you the highlights from Tabletop Banter’s Hopes Folly event.

We both had a great time with Callum and Harry looking after us for the day. The atmosphere and hospitality was great and the laid back speed painting competition at lunchtime was a nice difference to the day.

John GG - My first time table top banter run event and I was really looking forward to it. Turned out to be a fantastic event with great tables and terrain and a very chill atmosphere.

The campaign/game intervention had an impact on the game but didn’t make it game breaking either. The narrative was simple with custom missions. A good exercise showing simplicity is sometimes best.

My first game was against fellow UB4H’er King Fluff. A good game ending, rightly, in a draw. Previous to this game I never really rated the Grav Flux Bombard but after seeing it destroy almost a full unit of bikes I’m beginning to rethink my position. AP2 with no cover saves allowed really really hur…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up and WHW Meet-up

Evening Everyone 😉 Busy week here in the UnityB4Heresy camp. With a majority of the Team at Hopes Folly and the meet up today not a great deal of additional hobby was completed.
However we managed to get in some great gaming over the weekend and had a really good day today.

King Fluff faced off against a friend of the blog in a match up based on the Hopes Folly format today with his Nightlords and Dark Mech army against Blood Angels.  Suffice to say the Emperor's loyal sons were victorious.  The Blood Angels carried the day in a furious fought victory with the Nightlords and their Dark allies unable to gain a foothold on any of the main objects before the Emperor's Angelic Red Sons swept the battlefield of the traitorous forces.  But a great game played on a great board at WHW.

The forces of Tylar's Imperial Fists and John GGs White Scars faced off in a Zone Mortalis game that ended in a well fought win by the Chogorian Brotherhood.  Their destroyers successfully outflank…

The Horus Heresy - Hopes Folly

Hey everyone, John GG and King Fluff here with a little insight into the forces we intend to take to the Hopes Folly event at Boards & Swords in Derby hosted by Harry & Callum of Tabletop Banter.

The premise of the event is for forces to consist mainly of infantry with a light covering of vehicle types. The last event in the series was lots of fun and we are both really looking forward to rolling dice (on both sides of the betrayal line) 

KF - It's been a while since I played in an event weekend, having been busy running lots over the last year. I'm looking forward to standing on the other side of the table for a day. I tend to use events as a motivator for getting chunks of outstanding hobby done in order to chip away at my to do pile. For this event I chose to field the Night Lords legion, an army I've had on the back burner for a while due to both being seduced by the quickness of painting Custodes but also by the fact that the intended RoW I'd bought the a…

Legio Defensor (Nova Guard) Reaver Titan

Hello Everyone!  The update is finally here.  I had planned to post yesterday.  Fate had other ideas. 🤣 
I managed to drop the rear end of the Melta Cannon and couldn't find it!  I was fuming to say the least.  In the end I had to use a pair of tights over the hoover to forage it out.  It managed to travel further than humanly expected for a small piece of plastic.  On a lighter note I did find a combi-melta thought lost and a MkIV helmet. Result!!

So here we are in its current glory. For the point of current gaming I'm calling it done. I will likely revisit it as time permits and change or add a few details and possibly add some decals too.  It's also safe to say that I may need to invest in building a decent light box because I think the pictures don't really do it justice.

This was the picture I used for inspiration from the Campaign Book for Adeptus Titanicus: TitanDeath

I'm really happy with how it came out.  I plan to paint two Warhounds for Sunday.  Whether the…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening everyone welcome to another round up from us all here at UnityB4Heresy.

This week King Fluff has been trying to wade through the rest of the painting needed for next weekends trip to Hopes Folly and Boards & Swords in Derby.  He’s almost ready to add lightning and decals to the larger units of the force. Stay tuned for a proper run down prior to the event.

Hobby admin for GG this week. After scoping a large stash of bits off a friend and deciding I really needed to sort out of hobby work station.   A major exercise in catharticism!

In other news he's also bringing together all the forces he’ll need for Hope’s Folly next Saturday and his first UB4H meet up at Warhammer World!

Now, where did he put that Acquisitor??

Myself I've been working towards my first completed Adeptus Titanicus Scale Titan.  It's been quite a journey considering I wanted to build and paint it in 24hrs.  Well that didn't happen.  However it's just a few short hrs of work from comple…