Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis: Part One

Hello Everyone Tylar here - Welcome BACK! Wow what a time in human history to be alive. A global pandemic, man returning to space in a commercially built rocket and the UnityB4Heresy Team bringing you some saucy lock-down terrain for when this all ends and we can get back to serious gaming. 😀

Now obviously it isn't the same for everyone but here in the UK we've been restricted in movement during the lockdown period and whilst its been really tough for a lot of people it's been amazing to see everyone within the community turn to hobby to keep themselves busy.
Our own King Fluff has been running zoom hobby hang-outs and has been getting through a back-log of projects that we hope to bring you in the future.
JohnGG has been beavering away in the background whilst working from home. The Sons of the Khan and their allies will ride again!  Once he's stopped saving the world from his home office he'll be riding across the stars on the back of a jet-bike.
Myself I've …

The Saygar Mazan - The Road to War...

Back after a post Christmas heresy hiatus my White Scars return with a Vengeance!  So here I am with a dose of upcycling and showcasing the Brotherhood of the Blue Sky.

I’ve plunged my self in at the deep end once more. An up coming appearance on The 30k Channel is enough to make anyone revisit their army for a few touch ups and with the beautiful new and long awaited White Scar decals recently released this gave me a great opportunity to lift some of my White Scar collection. 

These decals are a great addition and really tie the squads and the army together. I'm going to be fighting in Zone Mortalis on The 30K Channel, so I’ll be using my Sagyar Mazan infantry army.  

I’ve marked all the squads along a similar vein but not exclusively. After all, the Scars are individuals organised into informal bands of fighters bonded by blood, kinship or oath.  Theirs is not the rigid doctrines of the Principa Belicosa. To reflect this I’ve used a few different decals to indicate brotherhoods but…

Horus Heresy - Christmas Magik

Hello Everyone!  All of us here at the blog hope you've had a wonderful Xmas with family and friends alike.  Hopefully some of you have been fortunate to receive some plastic and resin wonders.

We thought we would bring you something magical between Christmas and New Year - well psychically attuned at the least.

For a while I've been working on an all terminator armour Imperial Fists army - something I'd like to bring you more of in the New Year.  I've been waiting on some parts to arrive and today they did, so I thought I'd make a start on a new character for my army - a loyal Librarian of the Imperial Fists legion in Cataphractii armour (surprisingly something that doesn't already exist) .

So without further delay here's the kitbash walk through in homage to Nigella Lawson at this seasonal time.


A Calth Praetor in Cataphractii armour (For Legs and Head mainly) A plastic Cataphractii torso  A plastic Grey Knight terminator torso  Spare Cataphr…

Merry Christmas from Unity Before Heresy

Wishing all of our readers a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. If you have any hobby resolutions drop them in the comments below.

Seasons Greetings from
Tylar, JohnGG and King Fluff

The Great Crusade - Orks of Gorro

Hello again.

I thought I’d put a little progress post together concerning a newer project I’m working on, that being the Techno-orks of Gorro.

As you know I’ve spent the last few years putting together resources for players to use in order to represent the lost human and Xenos races discovered by the expeditionary fleets during the Emperor’s Great Crusade. One of the races I steered clear of (at the time) was orks. I really felt they were too comical for an inclusion into 30k but after their appearance in some of the Horus Heresy novels and a torrent of people asking me to include them in the project, I decided to take the plunge.

Principally I wanted to start a small force within the 1000pt restrictions of the Xenocide 1 event I'm running in March 2020, so I had time to experiment with building as I went. I do enjoy this way of converting - letting things organically grow from an idea or description (within the limits of what bits are readily available). The key factor for me was…

The Sagyar Mazan! GG's Shattered Legions project.

When Malevolence finally dropped I couldn't wait to get my Chorgorian Brotherhood up and running [all puns intended!]  In previous posts you will have seen how my 'wheels and wings' force has terrorised some, and fallen flat on its face against others.

But another great part of the White Scars section in Malevolence was the background of the Legion in their role as pioneers, casting themselves out into the deep void scouting for routes for the following crusade fleets.

The very nature of the legion at their inception was for long range, extended recognisance missions.  The Scars 'pre-Khagan' cognition being the 'Star Hunters' a name quite apt for a legion who would 'hunt' the stars as pathfinders for the compliance fleets.

Of the new units unveiled in Malevolence the Falcons Claws are those which epitomise this role as pathfinders.   A Fast Attack choice for White Scars these pseudo-scouts excel at forward deployment and decapitating the enemy comma…