Setting the Scene - A Blotz Review

Hi again.

King Fluff here with a short but sweet post on some of the scenery I've been using recently. The company I've been using is Blotz - this is a fantastic company who specialises in laser-cut MDF scenery (amongst other things).

Now if like me you've been around the block a little, going from making polystyrene packaging into fortresses and getting really excited about plastic scenery, you may have passed over MDF scenery. My initial thoughts on most of the MDF scenery I saw was that it 'looked' like MDF scenery, the joins were obvious and the finish wasn't really something that could compete with other scenery types on the market.
Then I found Blotz.

 I initially did a trial order to see what the quality was like - this was for my fledgling, then 6mm, Adeptus Titanicus project. I was really pleased with the finish on the MDF and how the multi layered approach to the kits added, detail, depth and effectively hid the joins on the kit pieces. They're r…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up and Hobby progress

Hi everyone, Tylar here to bring you the latest round up of the Unity B4 Heresy team progress.  We've been busy here at the blog as usual both in hobby and with normal life of late.  But we'll kick off with GG and what he's been up to.

GG has been busy these last couple of weeks.  There's nothing like a big game to get your motivation going and what's bigger than appearing on the 30K channel?

GG managed to build, covert and paint 3 jetbikes in a week,  which for him is an amazing pace of painting!

With that unit complete he's finally finished his 3K White Scars army.  But, is an army ever really complete? Hell no! He plans to add a detachment of Sisters of Silence allies and also a few more speedy units such as Land speeders and the new Kyzagan assault speeders.

In addition to his Chogorian Brotherhood GG plans to build an infantry heavy force using the Sagyar Mazan rite of war to be used in Centurion mode / Zone Mortalis games.  [Spoiler edit:  at time of publ…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up and Scars Progress

Hello Everyone Tylar here!  Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front but not in the UB4H Team background and hobby rooms.  It's mainly seen us all spending some well earned time with family over the recent bank holiday with a smattering of hobby in the back ground.  Having said that GG has progressed leaps and bounds with his Scars Project so we've added a little WIP of that here to keep you all eager for more.

Myself I've been playing with the new Adeptus Titanicus Spires scenery kits and they are awesome.  I plan to post a terrain WIP in the following weeks so look out for that.  We're all looking at planning our Armies for the Greeting From The Warp event in October so again be sure to follow the progress of that here.  I've also been working on some new Warhound Titan bases using some GS moulded pieces from the AT Tiles I bought form Forgeworld and those little additions will be in the AT Terrain WIP so come back for more! Here are the shots of what I'…