The Sagyar Mazan! GG's Shattered Legions project.

When Malevolence finally dropped I couldn't wait to get my Chorgorian Brotherhood up and running [all puns intended!]  In previous posts you will have seen how my 'wheels and wings' force has terrorised some, and fallen flat on its face against others.

But another great part of the White Scars section in Malevolence was the background of the Legion in their role as pioneers, casting themselves out into the deep void scouting for routes for the following crusade fleets.

The very nature of the legion at their inception was for long range, extended recognisance missions.  The Scars 'pre-Khagan' cognition being the 'Star Hunters' a name quite apt for a legion who would 'hunt' the stars as pathfinders for the compliance fleets.

Of the new units unveiled in Malevolence the Falcons Claws are those which epitomise this role as pathfinders.   A Fast Attack choice for White Scars these pseudo-scouts excel at forward deployment and decapitating the enemy comma…

30K Ruinstorm - Fallen Brothers and the Golden Shield of the Emperor

Hi Everyone! Tylar here to bring you up to date with the weekend's event and what did and didn't happen.

On to the first part. GG and I we're unfortunately unable to attend the weekend's event despite a lot of work going into it at the start. My wife and I suffered a very significant loss recently and despite my best efforts I just wasn't able to attend. This had a massive knock on effect as I was the lynch pin to GG's involvement so as a result neither of us could make it to Ruinstorm.

Sorry to GG, we'll get themnext time.

I want to personally thank Andrew D and guys at GFTW for being amazing and supportive at this time but more importantly understanding. I'm thoroughly looking forwards to the next event and GG and I will be in attendance flying the Unityb4heresy flag along with King Fluff.

King Fluff however stood stalwart and with the might of his Custodes strode forth to do battle in the blog's name.
And boy did he hold his end up!

I'll han…

Unity B4 Heresy - GFTW: Ruinstorm preview...


The UB4H team ramp up preparations for Ruinstorm, the 30K event hosted by Greetings from the Warp coming up in the beginning of October.

King Fluff  has also been prepping hard for his own event; Cataclysm of Iron III - which kicks off at the end of October.  Much wriggle needed there as there’s so much to do and so little time to do it in!

GG managed to get a game in this week to play test his list for Ruinstorm.  Turns out Apothecaries keep units alive!  He faced a rather tasty mechanised Space Wolves army but managed to come out on top. Here are a few shots of the game...

Here the Sisters of Silence Prosecutors overlook their space wolf quarry, theres a speaker of the dead who has an engagement with a Blackship... 
The Brotherhood of the Blue Sky rushes to meet the enemy head on
The plasma outriders line up some armour as targets...
After stripping the enemy Arcus of valuable hull points the Deathsworn assault the outriders before they can exact any more damage
White Scar …

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up - We're back!

Hello Everyone!  Summer is ebbing away and autumn is only round the corner.  So as the days get shorter, colder and darker we hobby folk slink back to our man-caves and begin afresh with ways to batter our enemies on the table top.  Whilst we've been away we've all been busy so he's a look at what we've been up to.

GG has gone rogue and has been building like an idiot.  From AT terrain, addition to his sisters of silence and even a Fantasy model?!

GG's Iron Warrior heavy armoured division got its first lick of paint (but no further <shameface> )
GG also picked up the Age of Sigmar endless spells box for beastmen with the sole purpose of using the xxx as razorwings for his sisters of silence xxx cadre.

GG also dug out his (very) old Battlefleet Gothic minis ready to play test our (in production) Imperialis Armada rules, watch this space!

Aaaand he couldn't resist the new Warcry warbeast fury models for his (never seen the light of day) Daemons army....

King …