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Horus Heresy- Malevolence - Book 8 Preview

Evening everyone welcome to a sneak peak inside the new Horus Heresy: Malevolence Book 8 in the series, which goes on pre-order tomorrow.  There has been a sneak peak on the Warhammer Community page but we thought here at the blog you'd appreciate a preview from us hobby types.


Sorry if that may disappoint some but it's only fair to those that spend their hard earned pennies on the book that the rules should remain 'exclusive' to those that have paid for the privilege.  I'm sure they can be found elsewhere across the blogosphere but not here.

Onto the Book!!  It is as always a fantastic book.  Beautifully presented as all the Horus Heresy series are.  My one gripe is the same that hits us every-time.  The ink doesn't set well on these larger books and on the red print pages especially.  Or those with heavy colouring.  As a result on a few of the pages they're stuck together and therefore the binding hasn't been undertaken …

Unity B4 Heresy Presents: Friends of the Blog event review Cataclysm of Iron I

JohnGG here again with another player perspective round up of the latest event I attended,  Hosted by King Fluff...
Cataclysm of Iron 1 The battle for the Belt of Iron begins…

If any of you have ever attended a King Fluff event, or talked to anyone who has, you’ll know that these are amongst the very best of narrative gaming in the UK (and therefore, the world, and therefore the 30K universe! 😛So let’s jump straight in with the setting;
The disparate forces of the Warmaster continue their grinding and relentless march towards the Sol system.  The Belt of Iron lies in their path.Within the belt are located the Mechanicum research stations on the worlds of Arl'yeth and Arachnis.  It is imperative to the defence of Terra that vital research held on these station remains hidden from the Traitor forces.
Five games over two days.  Four games of 2500 points with the third game, last game on Saturday being, a 1000 points doubles game.  Along with the overall narrative of the setting King of F…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening Everyone!  Welcome to another week of WIPs and hobby from us here at UnityB4Heresy.

This week has been quite a quiet one in the Tylar household for hobby.  Work has been extremely busy however some well earned rest is about to allow the hobby to flow this week so standby for some great new content coming from the Fasolt Forge.

I was able to get some things done.  I continued to go with my tester colour scheme for my AT terrain.  I'm happy with the basic colours and for now it's growing on me.  So to that end I sprayed up three more buildings.  I also managed to get another game of AT in at a friends using the more advanced rules and stratagems. I have to say it was a hard fought game and I was on the ropes by the end of turn two.   Luckily a well played stratagem and some fortunate dice allowed me to carry the day.  Thanks to Warhound for the game and Mondo for hosting as always.

I've also been reading Book Eight in the HH series Malevolence and I can honestly say …

Building a Wargaming Table

Hi all, Col.Hertford here with a post about my new war-gaming set up.

I’m quite lucky with my house, but I don’t currently have space for a dedicated war-gaming room. I do have a 8’x3’ dining room table, so I decided (with permission for Mrs Hertford) to build a table top for war-gaming on.
The idea was to have something light and strong that just sits on top of the table. Some people use chipboard, but I have bad experiences with this medium.  Also, it will be knock when to moved around, and chipboard tends to shed.  With this in mind I choose to use wooden batons and plywood sheets.  This allows the boards to be clamped with Quick Clamps.

The area I’ve made is three 4’x2’ sections.  This allows me to build either a 4 or 6 foot by 4 foot board and have room for beer and rule books on the table.

This is a quick project that was completed in a single day.  The finish is intentionally functional rather than craftsmen like.  If this was a permanent set up, I would have taken greater care…