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Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Good evening all.
Welcome to our latest weekly installment of the UB4H hobby trove. As we look upon the penultimate week of hobby before the hobby fest that is the Horus Heresy Weekender.

This week has been a little slow for King Fluff. He's been focusing on more Adeptus Titanicus models and event scenery this week. He's made a significant dent in his moonbase terrain and he has nearly finished an additional Reaver titan for his Legio Astraman forces. He plans on doing more of the same next week on the run up to the Weekender.

This week Tylar has been revisiting old projects as discussed in his earlier post this week about Civilian Vehicles.
There will be more updates as the weeks follow so don't forget to keep checking the blog.
He's hoping to take a small painted force of Legio Praesagius Titans with him for some friendly pick up games with friends of the Blog attending.

So....more painting is going on in the background as we speak to get them tabletop ready.

This wee…

Civilian Vehicles - From Unification to the Heresy

Hi Everyone! Tylar here with another project post. Currently underway so a bit beyond its infancy but it stalled a little while ago so now with the blog up and running it felt time to reinvigorate it.

So What?  Why do we need civilian vehicles in 30K who cares?  Well, I'm not new to scratch building things or a challenge.  Some of you may have seen my Malcador before.  I wanted to fill a gap with something that was not only cool but provided some great visual aspects on the battle field.

Lots of people, gamers and painters always love good scenery and if it comes with a narrative even better.  A while ago I decided I wanted to address the issue and have more vehicles as scenery and terrain in my gaming.  I also liked the idea of civilian vehicles that could be used in narrative play or scenario based games as objectives.

Problem is there's isn't a lot out there.  There ARE some great companies producing a lot of interesting products that could fit the scenery aspect but no…

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Gryphonicus - Ferrum Ruptor

Hi all, Col.Hertford here with another completed model.

This is the second of three Warlord Titans that will make up the heavy component of my Legio Gryphonicus Demi Legio.  This is the junior Titan in the Myrmidon Battleline Maniple.  The Titan will be getting a new head (Beta) next week when I receive the newly released weapon sprues.

I’m looking forward to building more weapon options two.  The idea of having twin plasma for dealing with pesky light Titans gives me a small bubble of joy.  Gryphonicus are usually noted for smaller Titans, but I’m pretty sure that I will often field the big boys.

The base plate is from

I hope you like the results. Gryphonicus will march to war soon!

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Gryphonicus - Aureum Gloria

Hi all, Col.Hertford here with a finished model post.

I thought I would start with my Princep Seniorus’ Warlord Titan “Aureum Gloria”.  This has been a long time in the painting having been started in earnest the day of release of Adeptus Titanicus.  My enthusiasm for the project dipped as the long anticipated transfers took and age to be released.  He’s going to be getting replacement weapons soon, in the form of Sunfury Plasma Cannons, and Reaver Laser Blasters, and fists.

This it the lead Titan of the Myrmidon Battle Line Maniple.  The bellicose Machine Sprit is looking forward to getting vengeance against Tylar.  The first game we played was a total loss for me.

The base plate is from

I hope you like the results. Gryphonicus will march to war soon!

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening everyone! Well what a week it's been.  All of us here at Unity Before Heresy are excited for the Titan Death campaign book and the new Reaver.  With the release of the additional weapon sprue for the Warlord things will definitely be moving and ground shaking on the AT tables around the globe.

For the most part our readers will know, and for those new here RealLife™️ has a tendency to get in the way.  Like the rest of the blogosphere everyone has family, jobs etc, and so we embrace the fact that despite self induced timelines, sometimes....they slip.  Despite that we've all managed to get some hobby in and make progress in small leaps in different areas.

King Fluff has been adding some finishing touches to his AT forces.  He’s also been drafting out ideas for scenery for his sold out event - Dispute of Iron I, a part of his Cataclysm of Iron series looking at creating narratives in the Belt of Iron. Check out the links below for info and tickets to these great hobby ev…

Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Welcome to this weeks Sunday Roundup. Have a look at what the UB4H team have been working on this week:

Col.Hertford has been working hard to get his Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Titans for Legio Gryphonicus complete, and the final paint is drying right now. I’ll be showing these in all there glory in a later post. Here’s the finished name plates from

This week King Fluff has been working on finishing off a few outstanding projects - namely some Adeptus Titanicus titans and buildings. He’s also been working on a 1000 point Eldar Exodites Force (starting with Wraiths of Morai-Heg) for his Xenocide I event in May.

This week Tylar has been continuing progress with his Titans and like Col. Hertford has been painting the armour plating using the marble method described in a previous post.

There will be more to come in future posts so look out for trials and tribulations of the journey to paint marble effects 😊

Tylar is happy with the progress he's …