Heavy Iron - GG's Iron Warrior Armoured Company

GG is not a painter at heart, So to motivate him to paint his armies we dangle a corrot in front of him and let him BUILD... 

My greatest love of the hobby is building.  Whether it be a simple kit, a subtle conversion, or something really out-there and original that really flexes the creative side of the hobby.  For me this is really where you can delve deep and really immerse yourself into the hobby.

So, after spending the last 3 months or so finishing my White Scars army ready for The30KChannel, I rewarded myself with a mass building project.  Taking me back to my Iron Warriors roots,  I've had a few tanks sat in boxes in shelves for too long.  Time to unleash the Big Guns!  

I’ve always loved the idea behind the Iron Warriors ideals if overwhelming force.  Weather that be massed infantry assaults, the Big Guns of the Stor-Bezashk or the Super-Heavy formation of the Khaleaorus.  And it is this latter idea which I'm turning to now. I've been slowly collecting the tanks I want to build.  Although I love the idea of Predator squadrons I didn’t want to opt for the obvious Armoured Breakthrough  list which attracts all the yawns and raised eyebrows these days.   So I opted for something  a little different,  but I'll go into the list properly in a future post. For now I just want to show off some tanks during the building stages..

My take on the Mk.IIb Land Raider.  The basic Land Raider kit with Sagitarum tracks from Blood and Skulls industries and Side sponsons from anther online retailer who I can't remember.  With all these upgrades this tank is looks considerably larger than the regular Land Raider and makes for a perfect Heresy era Phobos model.

The sponsons were a bit of a nightmare as I had lost the original lascannons.  Fortunately I had the twin-linked lascannons from my predator kits.  Mounting these on their sides would fit, but I had a bit of a job filling and filing to make them work.

This Heavy Modelling paste from Windsor & Newton is great and in my (very humble) opinion, is waaay better than GreenStuff for this kind of job.  First of all its a paste so working with it is VERY forgiving.  If you go wrong you simply wipe it off.  When it dries it acts more like the old milliput stuff and sands down very easily.   I had to build up a couple of layers of it and it does take a good while to dry but I think the effect is good in the end.

Ahh G-clamps.   If you don't have a set of these... you should!

Neomidium Magnets are a god send for weapon swaps.  I'm only doing this for the sponsons as for me as an Iron Warrior, Heavy Bolters ( with shatter shells) are a viable option.  I'll mainly be running with lascannons but its good to have the option.

The first two (of four) Predators.  I'll either end up running 1 squadron of 3 or 2 squadrons of 2.

I've loved this tank ever since It was first released.  Fits the Iron Warriors perfectly in their siege assault role.  Heavy armoured tank with a big gun on the front.  You won't need many guesses as to what super-heavy I'll be rolling...

The Achilles-Alpha is a bit of an eye catcher.  Can't wait to get it on the table top.

That's all for now,  next post we'll see some paint on the tanks...