Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up

Evening everyone.  Another week has past and things are moving on in the Unityb4heresy camp. All of us have signed up for the Greetings From The Warp HH Weekend event in October.  Much to the lament of GG as the Rugby is on and we'll have to get blow by blow action between turns. 😜

Follow us here on the blog as we prepare our forces and play test some of our army elements in the lead up to the 3000pt epic weekend.

This week I've had a low key dip into hobby as I've been busy with work.  It's going to be the same next week for me but I did get some more AT gaming in over the weekend breaking in a new player.  I still manged to start in on my AT spires.  Oh my what a great kit.  I'll be bringing together some pictures of my AT terrain in an upcoming post in another week or so.

An idea of an upcoming project from me "Just call me Tank'

This week King Fluff has been dividing his time between Orks of the 31st millennium and giant (tiny) robots of the sane era.  He’s now got to the point where he can aesthetically see where the techno-Orks are heading and he’s also begun the extra armaments for his Legio Astraman in 8mm scale ready for the Board in Brum Titan Muster in early June.

GG has been back to building Scars this week. He's ordered three more Dawn-eagle jetbikes which he’ll be converting into Legion colours to add to Tsolomon Khan here on his build table.

He's also been playing around with some homemade custom decals for my Scars. Lots of fun. Frustrating, but fun...

There we are folks another blog round-up complete don't forget to follow us for you early updates and content and please feel free to comment or ask questions below.

Only In Death Does Duty End

- UB4H Team