Unity B4 Heresy Blog Round-up and Scars Progress

Hello Everyone Tylar here!  Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front but not in the UB4H Team background and hobby rooms.  It's mainly seen us all spending some well earned time with family over the recent bank holiday with a smattering of hobby in the back ground.  Having said that GG has progressed leaps and bounds with his Scars Project so we've added a little WIP of that here to keep you all eager for more.

Myself I've been playing with the new Adeptus Titanicus Spires scenery kits and they are awesome.  I plan to post a terrain WIP in the following weeks so look out for that.  We're all looking at planning our Armies for the Greeting From The Warp event in October so again be sure to follow the progress of that here.  I've also been working on some new Warhound Titan bases using some GS moulded pieces from the AT Tiles I bought form Forgeworld and those little additions will be in the AT Terrain WIP so come back for more! Here are the shots of what I've been working on.

This week King Fluff has been assembling the alternative weapon options on the upgrade sprues for Adeptus Titanicus.  These will get s final lick of paint in advance of a tournament being held at Board in Brum in a couple of weeks time.  This week he plans on finishing the player pack for his event ‘Titandeath at Jerulas Station’ being held in November and having a stab at making a control console for using Imperator titans in games of Adeptus Titanicus.

And now onto the Main Event......GG Sums up his current progress.

Some real progress done by GG this week.  The Scars are getting some attention.  I've never been happy with my Praetor,  the model is Jetek Suberei the White Scars Biker fro Kill Team Cassius who was at the time the ONLY White Scars character made by Citadel miniatures but since the release of Malevolence I've had  my greedy eye on Tsolomon Khan to lead my Brotherhood of the Blue sky.

As you can see the base model is one of the Vertus Praetor Dawneagle Jetbikes.  I really love this model and much prefer it to the Forgeworld scimitar Jetbike.  I raided my bitz bow for parts for Tsolomon himself and then added quite a few accoutrements to 'Scars' it up, so to say.. 

Next week I'll be building a three jetbike squadron to accompany the Khan on to the battlefield.

Additionally I've been asked in the past how I've managed to create the cool blue effect for my Scars.  I can't take the credit there as this is Mike French's recipe he kindly imparted on to me,  and I've made it easier, (because he's a better painter,  oh and did I mention how lazy I am?)  Anyway here are the Airbrush stages..

Over a prime coat of Halfords plastic white primer Airbrush all the dark areas, recesses and hard to get to areas with Vallejo Turquoise. 

On top of that calm it down a bit with Vallejo Verdigris...

Now the top coat goes all over the model, Vallejo Glacier Blue.  I have to say I absolutely love this colour. 

Then the highlight with Vallejo Dead White. 

Next week I'll be doing all the brush work. Also, I've been prepping the bases for my jetbikes.  Simply cut up cork sheet liberally daubed with Vallejo Desert Sand. 

There you have it ladies and gents, whilst we have been away for a few extra days we're still heavily committed to providing you guys with the Heresy based content you're looking for and we'll be continuing to do so as we delve into some of the earlier events that led to the Heresy and even before the Great Crusade itself.  What a Summer of Gaming it's going to be!  Keep following here and checking back regularly for those updates.  And don't forget to comment or ask questions below and follow the blog to get early notifications.

Until next time...

Only In Death Does Duty End

- UB4H Team