Black Shields and Shattered Legions: Allies or Enemies and Unity B4 Heresy quick roundup.

Hi everyone Tylar here its been a while!  I'm here with a re-visit of a subject I looked into a few years ago.  Shattered Legions/Blackshields.  Before I get into that a quick round-up from us here at the blog.  

It's been a hectic month for us all here with work and family having a heavy impact on our blogging.  I suffered a short term back-injury and my wife was involved in a car accident so that coupled with a busy work schedule has an understandable impact on my hobby.  The rest of the team has been beavering away and we're getting over the hump now with lots more regular content coming you way.

This week King Fluff has been working on scenery for his Cataclysm of Iron II  event. There’s still a way to go but he’s pretty pleased with the progress he’s making. After the event he’s planning on revisiting his Secutarii forces ready for the UB4H group outing to Huxlow Science College after the summer.

JohnGG has been working on his new Luna Wolves force most recently and is looking forwards to having a go with the new GW Contrast paints.  Those will be in an upcoming post from GG.

I've managed to scrape some hobby time and I've used that to continue stripping models I've bought from Heresy Trading and begin building my Termites.  The Salamanders Force I bought will also make the core of my Shattered Legions Force and new Allies detachment.

Onto the Blackshields and Shattered Legions!  Now love them or loath them they have a significant and important part to play in the Heresy story arc and in the future of the Imperium.  The question is do they have a vital role to play in your normal open gaming or only in narrative play?

Now I've seen very few Blackshield or Shattered Legion armies out there if I'm honest, despite the opportunity to use lots of different legion units in both the gaming aspect and the modelling and hobby aspect.  I remember only two maybe three armies based on these, total, in the previous narrative tournaments I've played in.  I've always wondered why?  I think sometimes the complexities of potentially using several Legions in one or having to understand multiple legions is what may have put people off.  I'd been interested to know your thoughts on this so please comment below.

The original premise really was so people would be able to play those legions that had been nearly all but destroyed at the Dropsite Massacre.  However for those that know their Horus Heresy lore this was not the first time loyal legionnaires were slaughtered, killed and betrayed by their brothers.
Istavaan III was the first instance when those Legions under the Warmaster Horus that were about to betray their oaths, purged those from their own numbers that were deemed too loyal to the Emperor and Terra to be allowed to live.  This is a great opportunity to model Loyalist Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperors Children.

Among these the first obvious go to guy is the main man himself the Agentia Primus. He's the first of many Loyalists who are effectively 'Blackshields' yet through his role becomes so much more. Nathaniel Garro is the epitome of a Loyalist Legionnaire from a Legion who has turned its back on the Emperor's Light. Amongst his peers its quite easy to say as a Knight Errant he has no equal.  However in gaming terms that not to say that any of the other named character Knights or the option to make your own isn't a great way to bring some fluff into your army builds.

But aside from the fluff aspect of Blackshileds lets again look at things from a gaming perspective. 
Shattered legions are where we're going. A group or number of groups of individuals from different legions banding together. Or a group of legionaries cut off from their legion with no knowledge of what has transpired. I for one love the idea of fielding loyalist World Eaters and Deathguard along side a group of embattled Imp Fists. 

Who's to say in the far reaches of the crusade this isn't possible?

So who do you have to fight at you side?

Well here's a look at my own ideas. Battered and on the back foot where would you seek aid or take the hand of friendship?

Pyroclasts who wouldn't want some heavy infantry with flamers right?

And one of my own personal favourites that fit nicely with the Garro sort arc: Loyalist World Eater assault marines. 

What you have there is an endless amount of fun on two counts. One the gaming aspect. It allows you to use and field units you wouldn't normally, making your gaming experience new and fresh. 
Two the hobby aspect. If you can't afford to start a second legion or you just plain don't want to, but you love building painting and modelling then again this allows you to build that elite unit from another legion or paint a different legion to test your own painting skills. 

It doesn't stop there:

True Blackshields have gone down a path they don't wish to return from. Forsaking their own heraldry and taking up the panoply of a shadow force they strike without warning. Either to their own agenda a twisted version of the imperial truth or a much darker path. 
Either aligning to the Warmaster or just going in the same direction dancing to their own tune. 

The best part..The choice is all yours.  I hope you've enjoyed my brief little walk down the path of noble ronin.  Have a think and let us know your own thoughts on fielding Shattered Legion forces or a true Blackshield force. 

And what path will you tread Loyalist and become an avenging angel or agent of Malcador, true follower of the Warmaster or a more sinister one?

I hope you enjoyed the read let us know what you think and what forces you'd like to use or see matched together and comment below.

Only In Death Does Duty End

- Tylar